War & Music

This section explores the connections between war memories, classical music, and travel. I have been composing music since the 1980s (see my music website), researching Japanese war memories since the 2000s, and researching contents tourism since the 2010s. This section of the website combines the key themes of my writing, both musical and academic, over the past four decades.

On War

Works about war in general or fantasy wars.

Composers and Poets

A list of all the composers and poets whose works feature in this section.


A key genre of military music.


A family of instruments with strong connection to the military.

The Russo-Japanese War

Music connected to Japan’s first major victorious war.

World War I

The numerous masterpieces inspired by the Great War.

World War II

Music connected to the war in Europe.

The Asia-Pacific War

Japanese works written during the conflict.

Combat and Victory

Music for heroic and victorious wars.

Contemplating Defeat

Music in the face or wake of disaster.

Music and Killing

How beautiful music was used to facilitate the ugliest aspect of war.


Music in Japan related to the kamikaze and suicide tactics.


The extensive repertoire that has been composed about the world’s first nuclear attack.

Hibaku Pianos

The music associated with pianos that survived the atomic bomb.

The Holocaust

Music in memory of the victims of genocide in Europe.

Facing Responsibility

Music addressing one’s own nation’s war crimes.

New Meanings

How old classical favourites gained new associations with war.

On Peace

Music as part of promoting peace.

War Music and Tourism

Traveling to places associated with famous war-related music

Photo gallery and captions for the photos on this page.