About this site

This website is produced/maintained by Philip Seaton (Professor, Institute of Japan Studies, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies). It has three main purposes:

  1. It is an online appendix for my research (particularly my published books) in the areas of Japanese war memories, popular culture, and tourism;
  2. It is an interactive, transmedia reading list for my students, particularly those writing their undergraduate and postgraduate theses under my supervision;
  3. It is an open-access resource for anyone interested in learning more about warfare in Japanese history (particularly 1853-1945) and how it has been remembered, travelled, and represented within popular culture.

War history and cultural memories of Japan’s modern wars are highly political topics. This site, however, is educational. The materials produced by others and linked from WMT express a wide range of political views. The views expressed in external sites do not represent the views of Philip Seaton. Links to external sites are included to highlight the nature and range of debate regarding history in Japan. This site engages with various views with the educational purpose of understanding how and why competing views have come to exist.

I hope you find the site informative and thought-provoking.

Philip Seaton, Tokyo, March 2022

Terms and Conditions

The text of this website may be cited with proper attribution to the author (Philip Seaton), website name (War Memory Tourism), and other details as required by the citation style you are using.

Citations of any materials not authored by Philip Seaton but just linked from this site (including external websites, embedded videos etc.) should use the citation details of the linked materials.

Photographs in this website (unless otherwise stated) are taken by Philip Seaton. They may be used without charge for non-commercial purposes on condition of proper attribution (e.g. © Philip Seaton, downloaded from war-memory-tourism.net). Please contact Philip Seaton via email if you want permission to reproduce an image in an academic publication.

Media Policy

With tens of thousands of my words available open access online, and with hundreds of thousands more available in my published books/papers (see my publications list here), it is my policy not to supply quotes for journalists, students writing their theses, or others. Please read my research and cite in proper context.

There are no social media accounts attached to this website. Philip Seaton does not engage in any public discussions on social media.