For Teachers and Students

Dear Teachers and Students,

I hope you find War Memory Tourism (WMT) informative and useful as a research and teaching resource. It gathers together many of the key materials that have informed my thinking as a researcher of war memories and tourism over the past two decades and more.

As a teaching resource, the site is designed with a “flipped learning” approach in mind. In other words, the students are given a set of materials (one or more urls from within the site), which are read/watched/listened to before class. Then class time is predominantly for debate and discussion. This how I use the website with my own students.

On each topic, I have tried to select academic papers by important scholars working in related areas. There are also many links to official sites/documents and activist groups. Please note two things. First, the prioritization of open access publications means that many important writers and their works are not accessible directly from this site. Please do not think, therefore, that this site is a substitute for visiting a good library. Second, a link from this site does not constitute an endorsement of its content. I have deliberately chosen materials representing many different views.

For self-study, I recommend starting at a place of interest (using the sitemap or menu bar) and seeing where it takes you. You can cycle through the pages in any given menu (use the links at the top and bottom of each page), or you can jump between menus using the many cross links throughout the site. As a general principle, external links open in a new tab, while links to another page in the WMT site will open in the same tab.

A website is a living, breathing thing. I will be updating as and when I find new materials that I think should be included. Links and materials might also disappear if the content is removed by others. But, the structure of this website should remain stable (there will not be lots of changes to site structure and urls).

Finally, I manage three sites that collectively present my writings – academic, educational, and musical. To me, everything is connected, so hyperlinks connect all three sites in multiple places. I simply encourage you to explore wherever your interests take you.

I hope you find the site beneficial for your teaching/learning.

Philip Seaton, Tokyo, March 2022