Violins as Witnesses

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In the same manner as hibaku pianos, violins have also survived as witnesses of war.

Hamburger: Chamber Symphony No. 2

The recording (2019) of Jaap Nico Hamburger‘s Chamber Symphony No. 2 “Children’s War Diaries” featured instruments from the Violins of Hope project and was done at one of its concerts. There is no YouTube video at present, but the recording is available on streaming platforms.

Hibaku Violins

And while not as well known as hibaku pianos, there are also stories of hibaku violins in Japan, such as in this NHK documentary about a Russian violin teacher living in Hiroshima on 6 August 1945. In 2022, the hibaku violin was played by a young Ukrainian/Japanese violinist to call for peace following the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Praying for peace in Ukraine with a hibaku violin (Japanese only)

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