The Asia-Pacific War

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Here are some works written during the war years in Asia: 1937-1945.

Hayasaka Fumio

Hayasaka was a friend of Ifukube Akira and the composer of the film music for Kurosawa’s The Seven Samurai. He wrote the following piece for the 2600 anniversary celebration of the empire in 1940.

Hayasaka: Festive Overture

Richard Strauss

It is not by a Japanese composer, but was commissioned by the Japanese government to commemorate the 2600th anniversary of the imperial line in 1940 and is dedicated to Emperor Hirohito: Japanese Festival Music.

Richard Strauss: Japanese Festival Music (1940).

Moroi Saburo

Moroi was drafted as a soldier in 1944 shortly after completing Symphony No. 3.

Moroi: Symphony No. 2 (1937-38)
Moroi: Symphony No. 3 (1943-44)

Acknowledgement: See Sebastián Rodríguez Mayén’s blog for more information on these pieces.

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