Contemplating Defeat

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Here are some works written just before or after defeat.

Strauss: Metamorphosen

Completed in 1945 as Germany faced total defeat.

Strauss: Metamorphosen

Hashimoto Kunihiko

His first symphony was performed in 1940 for the 2600th anniversary of the empire. His second in 1947 was for the inauguration of the new constitution.

Hashimoto: Symphony No. 2

Koseki Yuji

Koseki Yuji is best known as composer of numerous enka ballads and the Olympic March (1964). He also wrote classical music, although this has been eclipsed today by his enka, radio drama, and film work (including a number of war films in the 1950s). His music in support of the war effort means his reputation is somewhat mixed these days.

In this video, Koseki explains how the ballad Bells of Nagasaki is a memorial to those who died in the atomic attack on the city, before conducting a performance of the ballad.

Koseki Yuji conducts his ballad Bells of Nagasaki.

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