Welcome to War Memory Tourism (WMT), an open-access resource about warfare in Japanese history (particularly 1853-1945) and how it has been remembered, travelled, and represented within popular culture.

The site is produced/maintained by Philip Seaton (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies). See the “About” section for terms of use, the webtree etc.

The site has five main areas.

The “History Issue”

War history and memories as politicized subjects of contestation among various actors in East Asia including governments, civil society groups, and individuals.

Cultural Memories

Representations of war in mediatized popular culture from the news media to entertainment forms such as cinema.

Travelling Japan’s Wars

War as the creator of stories and memorial sites that have generated tourism.

Local History

The differing ways in which war affected people across the Japanese archipelago, thereby creating distinctive localized memories.

War and Music

A section that I will be developing in the coming years as I investigate the connections between war, culture, travel, and music.

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