Local History

This section of the website considers the insights into Japanese war memories and tourism from local perspectives. It is built around the various local history / memory / tourism projects I have done, in particular Local History and War Memories in Hokkaido (Routledge 2016).

A Theory of Local Memories

The significance of “the local” in Japanese war memories.

The Home Front

The war as seen by the Japanese civilian population

Local Sites of Memory

Monuments, ruins, landmarks in one’s local neighbourhood.

Gokoku Shrines

What the local equivalents of Yasukuni Shrine tell us about war, memories, and tourism.

Peace Museums

The varieties of “peace” in Japan.

Shiba Ryotaro

The novelist as one of the fathers of Japanese war-related tourism.

Local Heroes

When warriors become your most significant tourism resource: Saigo Takamori, Sakamoto Ryoma and Hijikata Toshizo.

The Kamikaze

How the suicide tactics in 1944-1945 generated pop culture icons and contents tourism.

Festivals of War

What happens when war becomes a tourism event? Lessons from Nagaoka and Hakodate.

War and Natural Disaster

How narratives of natural and man-made disaster come together in Fukushima, Nagaoka and Kobe.


Local history and war memories in Hokkaido, from colonization to the postwar.

Hiroshima (I)

Did the A-bombs really end the war?

Hiroshima (II)

Peace tourism and travelling war in Hiroshima prefecture.


Memories of the invasion of Japan’s lost prefecture.


The major land battle in Japan during the Pacific War.

Photo gallery and captions for the photos on this page.