Peace Museums

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There are dozens of museums in Japan that have “peace” (heiwa) in their Japanese name. Many are local museums with an anti-war message and focus on the victimhood of a specific group. But as the list of museums below indicates, “peace” is a malleable concept and can be used for museums presenting various viewpoints (see Japan’s Contested War Memories, Chapter 8).

I have divided the museums into three categories: first, those which are more conservative, often commemorating and eulogizing Japanese servicemen; second, those expressing a narrative of regional victimhood, often of air raids (see Japan Air and often with an implied critique of Japanese aggression; and third, those which are more progressive, with an explicitly critical stance regarding Japanese aggression.

I have visited all the museums below apart from those marked with an asterisk *.

For other types of museum which do not have “peace” in their name, see Museums.


Regional Victimhood


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