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I was part of a research project led by Svetlana Paichadze that resulted in the book Voices from the Shifting Russo-Japanese Border: Karafuto/Sakhalin. My own contribution to the book was on the sites relating to Karafuto in Hokkaido. Most notably they are:

The various sites in Wakkanai (following their “history course”) and in particular the Centennial Memorial Tower, which contains exhibits about Karafuto history.

Aerial view of the various memorial sites in Wakkanai Park

There are also exhibits in Akaranga in Sapporo.

The All Japan Federation of Karafuto is the main organization archiving materials relating to Karafuto.


Steven Ivings, “Colonial settlement and migratory labour in Karafuto 1905-1941” (PhD Thesis).

Jonathan Bull, “The Making of Karafuto Repatriates” (Phd Thesis).

Tessa Morris-Suzuki has published many articles covering Hokkaido, Karafuto and the Korean peninsula. This one introduces important themes of empire and also has a travel angle. “Indigenous People Between Empires: Sakhalin through the Eyes of Charles Henry Hawes”.

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