War-related contents tourism

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Materials relating to the Prelims and Chapter 1 of War as Entertainment and Contents Tourism in Japan. If you are unfamiliar with the term “contents tourism”, the following short video explains the concept.

“What is Contents Tourism?” introductory video.


Read the prelims here.

Chapter 1: “Theorizing war-related contents tourism”, Philip Seaton and Takayoshi Yamamura.

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The figures/models in Chapter 1 are in the gallery below. They may be reproduced in other publications on condition of proper citation/attribution.

Other materials relating to Chapter 1

For a more detailed explanation of why we avoid the term “dark tourism” in relation to war-related (contents) tourism in Japan, see Philip Seaton, ‘Islands of “Dark” and “Light/Lite” Tourism: War-related contents tourism around the Seto Inland Sea’Japan Review, Vol. 33 (2019), pp. 299-327.

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