The Asia-Pacific War

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Materials relating to Chapters 15-19 of War as Entertainment and Contents Tourism in Japan.

Chapter 15: “Yasukuni Shrine’s Yūshūkan museum as a site of contents tourism”, Philip Seaton and Takayoshi Yamamura

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Yasukuni Shrine website.

The television drama Kikoku

The television drama Kikoku.

Koseki Yuji Memorial Hall. Koseki was the model for the composer central character in NHK’s morning drama Yell, for which there was a special exhibition held in Yushukan as described in the chapter.

Chapter 16: “The sense of belonging created by In this Corner of the World“, Luli van der Does

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In this Corner of the World official homepage

Hiroshima Peace Tourism website

A documentary length video of sacred site pilgrimage in Kure.

Chapter 17: “Travelling Grave of the Fireflies: the gap between creators’ intentions and audiences’/tourists’ interpretations”, Takayoshi Yamamura

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NHK profiles of author Nosaka Akiyuki and director Takahata Isao.

Unveiling of the Grave of the Fireflies monument (Sun TV report)
Archive footage of the Kobe air raids
Sacred site pilgrimage by a fan

Chapter 18: “Tours of Tokkōtai (kamikaze) training bases”, Luli van der Does

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Kamikaze images website (testimonies and other materials)

Chiran: a walking tour around the best known kamikaze site.

Chapter 19: “Repatriation and the enka ballad Ganpeki no haha“, Akiko Sugawa-Shimada

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The official tourism site of Maizuru and the Maizuru Repatriation Memorial Museum.

The lyrics of the song Ganpeki no haha (Japanese only).

Performance by Kikuchi Akiko (1954)
Performance by Futaba Yuriko
Ikoku no oka, performed by Takeyama Itsuro.

Other materials relating to the period

Journal of War & Culture Studies special edition, 2019, Vol. 12(1), War, Popular Culture, and Contents Tourism in East Asia.

Japan Review special edition, 2019, No.33, War, Tourism, and Modern Japan.

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