From myths to the middle ages

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Materials relating to Chapters 2-5 of War as Entertainment and Contents Tourism in Japan. Banner photo credit: Kyushu University Library: Moko shurai ekotoba mohon.

Chapter 2: “The narrative worlds of ancient wars: travelling heroes in Kojiki”, Takayoshi Yamamura

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KOJIKI – The Story of the Beginning of Japan”: Heaven and Earth, Sister and Brother
Emperor Jimmu’s Eastern Expedition: Miyazaki to Kashihara (Miyazaki city official channel)
The stage of Yamato Takeru’s story (Maibara city YouTube channel)

Kashihara Jingu official website

NHK Archives, Nippon News vol.23 (November 1940). The 2,600th anniversary of the enthronement of Emperor Jimmu: Brilliant ceremony of the century.

Tezuka Osamu Official website, Hi no Tori: Yamato-hen (Phoenix-Yamato, 1968–1969)

Chapter 3: “The Mongol invasions of Japan and Tsushima tourism”, Kyungjae Jang

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Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut

Japanese Anime 88-Spots (2021 Edition), Angolmois: Record of Mongol Invasion

Special Page “About Tsushima: Tsushima City X Ghost of Tsushima”

Kyushu University Library: Moko shurai ekotoba mohon. Digital reproduction of the scroll.

Chapter 4: “Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and contents tourism in Aizu Wakamatsu”, Aleksandra Jaworowicz-Zimny

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Sekiro the game: official website. The PlayStation4 game official trailer (YouTube login and age restrictions apply).

Sekiro: Real Life Locations

Image of Ashina Castle from the game

A tour around Aizu-Wakamatsu Castle

Chapter 5: “History girls and women’s war-related contents tourism”, Akiko Sugawa-Shimada

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Yonezawa Uesugi Festival 2021 ‘Tamashii no keisho’ online

Ishida Mitsunari used as a character/”celebrity” to promote tourism to Lake Biwako

Ishida Mitsunari Channel, ‘Ishida Mitsunari CM’ (as PR of Shiga)

Other materials relating to ancient wars

Takayoshi Yamamura, “Pop culture contents and historical heritage: The case of heritage revitalization through ‘contents tourism’ in Shiroishi city”, Contemporary Japan, Vol. 30, No.2, pp.144-163.

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