Radio and Podcasts

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The most famous piece of radio in Japanese war history must be Emperor Hirohito’s address on 15 August 1945 announcing the surrender.

Emperor Hirohito’s radio address with accompanying newsreel images and subtitles.

In the pre-television days of the 1950s, the radio drama Kimi no na wa (What’s Your Name? – not to be confused with the 2016 anime of the same title) captured the nation with its story of a couple who met during the Tokyo air raids. Later made into a film, this drama also triggered one of the earliest war-related contents tourism booms as couples visited the bridge in the story.

In the Internet age, podcasts generate a similar user experience to radio. One example of a podcast with various Japanese war history and memory content is the Beyond Japan podcast run by Oliver Moxham at the University of East Anglia. It has various episodes about war history and memory.

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