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For basic newspaper industry data, see The Japan Newspapers Publishers and Editors Association webpage. Here is a useful industry overview (2019) from Reuters/OUP.

There is also a newspaper museum in Yokohama called Newspark.

Japan has five national broadsheets. Comments about their stance reflect the research in Japan’s Contested War Memories and refer the period 1990-2005. There may have been slight changes in stance since then.

Yomiuri Shinbun: Conservative, close to the LDP government

Asahi Shinbun: Progressive: campaigner for conscientious historical views. A large publisher of war-related articles.

Mainichi Shinbun: Progressive(-leaning): but not so active in Asahi-style campaigns.

Nikkei Shinbun: Business paper with low war history interest: slightly more progressive than the LDP government.

Sankei Shinbun: Nationalistic: critical of the LDP government from the right wing.

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