Literature and Novels

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War has been the theme or subject for many famous novels. Many have been made into films, and some have been translated into English, including Black Rain (Ibuse Masuji), Fires on the Plain (Ooka Shohei), Twenty-four Eyes (Tsuboi Sakae), and Harp of Burma (Takeyama Michio). While these can be counted as literature, there are also many novels in an action adventure format (see Games and Play).

There are also many literary museums (bungakukan) around Japan which combine the functions of libraries and museums in promoting often local literature. Literary museums with particularly strong connections to war include:

Fukuyama Museum of Literature: focuses on the work of local author Ibuse Masuji (author of Black Rain).

Shiba Ryotaro Memorial Museum: one of Japan’s most prolific novelists, a veteran of World War II, and author of Clouds Above the Hill (about the Russo-Japanese War).

Hyogo Net Museum of Literature: an online museum showcasing the work of local authors including Nosaka Akiyuki, author of Grave of the Fireflies.

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